Thursday, January 22, 2009


*cough*It's here now becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my sister has this little linky which would tell her whenever I had a new post so I had to like write stuff crypticly and all but even that it was fairly screwy attempt at hiding things because she's got an IQ of 126(bless her) and my cryptic crap(let me praise myself) based of my IQ of 24 couldn't hide.
Studies have shown the sibling lower in the pecking order of the family will generally experience a slightly lower IQ by and average of 1-2 points.

My ass=OWNED

So anyway. It's a new blog. New experiments. New tricks. New jokes.

And a new style.

The new bent is. Since I brought the sexy giant and long time on and off girlfriend to the UK. We're gonna make beautiful kids. Tons of photos. My hulking camera.

Of course it goes without saying I like to write. So I'll also write every once in awhile.

Also while the last blog was still alive someone asked me to write on politics with my sense of humour(Kimberley if you must know) Politics ain't really my thing. But lets see how things swing?

Welcome to OH nine and welcome to the new blog.