Friday, July 30, 2010

Bitter humour

As the consensus goes.

El bandito tuberculio bascillio

Would have actually been a merciful way to die.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Warding failures

My hair is turning white and I managed to break my foot.

Needs some fixing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Did you learn that in England?

Why yes I did, good sir.

The art of proper argument. The examination of facts, opinions, eyewitness accounts and the synthesis of a rational and reasoned argument without leaning on any fallacies.

So yes, I do have a bit of fang to me. Not exactly all rabbit herbivore here. No siree.

We’re talking proper gnawing her not rumination. I’ll bite back.

Which probably explains why I’m getting the cold shoulder so much from well……I’ll decline to mention but well there’s a blood bond to say the least.

Can’t really lean over me when I’ve studied how and what it takes the cut the supports out. Especially since I’m not really submissive to unreasonable demands.

So I kicked. With a fang and I didn’t chip the tooth either really.

Maybe the lass is too used to being agreed with all day long while I’ve been gone. But ah she’s as quiet as a clam now.


Pardon The Strokes They’re a Little Rusty


Yet again.

After 2 years of being for the most of it inconsequential, effervescent and generally as available as the precise amount of change for the bill you’re paying.

It’s still annoying how spiteful some people are towards my presence.(like waking up to find out someone else has eaten the rest of your cereal)

No wait let me fix that. Not my presence per se. But her presence in my company.

As my bud who turned up just to watch the horn locking.

“eh no ***** things are ok eh? sore no show to watch”

“WOW LOLOLOL after she call….LOLOLOL”

Yeap that’s annoying. Like oh come on. You can’t get anywhere so stop poking at me. I’ve forgotten how to smack you hard enough to make you run away but don’t make me attempt to recollect the proper methodology.

Tune in to channel 805 and you might observe the reason why I’m still in contact with her. It’s cause I don’t spend all my time making fun of people. And I never ever ever harp on her relationship status.

I’m not even sure why you’re jealous really. I’m not getting any. And I’m certainly not searching for doubloons. So move along sir there’s really nothing to see.

So scoot along little doggy. My strokes aren’t clean anymore. But I’m still pretty good at aiming the flyswatter.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fingers around the palm

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually seen him.

It’s been a long separation when I resumed isolation.

But ah we’re all related anyway.

We shake our hands.

The right hands.

Which will sign the fate of hundreds.

But for now we’re just young adults.

Still watching, still learning.

But fate has marked us to lead the way.

Even if we choose to or not.