Sunday, December 27, 2009

Windows live writer

Snipping tool of blog

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Restrung guitar

Went for a guitar lesson today and got advice on life. Wow.

“I’ve gotta come back to Malaysia la sir. I’ve got the company here.”

“No, that’s not the way. Go to UK. Travel the world. Find yourself. Tell your friends to get lost for these few years la. They’ll be fine without you. Find yourself, find what you want. Then come home and see where life takes you.”

Next lesson is on Tuesday!


Wototoototototo*waddles away*

Back from the dead!

Experimentation =D

I can just imagine Kevin saying,

“Oh you experiment Kington. You experiment HARD.”

Monday, May 4, 2009


“tingly tingly” The voice says.

There’s a pull and a quick graceful motion. Pulling out the practice stick. For blind fencing.

A sudden pressure and the first stance is on. An open one with the stick held centre ready to strike or counter from any direction.

And the litany is.


Moving softly,

Gently turning,

Cutting cleanly.


I need my mouse back! It was specially adjusted to have the right sensitivity for me! ARGH!

I may be restarting my physical training again. =/ Realised I can’t kick anymore.

Marrakech 1

Sorry about the lateness of this post. Between losing my mouse, internet going down, exams, studying, assignments, labs and stuff it’s been hectic. 
  It all started with leaving Leeds in the evening(yes we have leather chairs in our busses in Leeds)And a bus ride to Luton in the dead of night.We're boarding!

Ah the international code of taxi swindling. Hey I come from Malaysia! I know how to deal with your kind! Don’t let this picture fool you. It’s actually pretty cold there.

Looking for our Riad(guest house) Seriously it was HARD talking to the woman! I had to cobble together whatever Arabic and French I had in my brain.
Just wandering the streets. Bought a small jar to collect sand from the desert.Big tower. No idea what is it. But it became a landmark.
This freak threw snakes on me. Then decided to charge me 15 quid to have my picture taken if not the snakes would stay on. SON OF A BITCH. Haggled to 10 quid.Beautiful centre square of marrakech.

Just a back alley with a beautiful calming view.There’s a lot of horse carriages around. Sorta like replacement taxis for those who have time and money. 

The centre square of the modern part of the city. Awesomeness

It’s Pilot’s dream to eat McD in every part of the world. So we had some crazy tajeen foldover. Not bad. But pretty expensive.

My travelling buddies Pilot on the left. Danny on the right. They gave us felt blankets. Awesome.En suite toilet. We ended up having a whole 5 bedroom to ourselves. 

Our room door. Not kidding you.

Marrakech 2 coming.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy to be third world

I went to marrakech. And at the end of the trip. After meeting Andrew and Elizabeth I feel like I need to appreciate my position more. And that I should stop whining about the lack of proper developement in Malaysia.
Will post more soon

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Other Magician

Hurm yes yes I've got the time to at least glance in the computer lab. Sigh I can't believe I've stooped to this. Looking for that pretty girl from 2 weeks ago.

I stride up the central aisle looking left and right. Don't see her. I frown. I leave and some people look up to see me walking really quickly with a frown on my face.

I head back to the foyer.

I guess it's time to go home.

"You've got a crush on her don't you?" I hear the playful voice, light yet it has the feeling of a well trained falsetto.

I turn slowly around and I come to face her.

Gee thats a familiar smile. Cocky and sarcastic together yet somehow genuine until all that sarcasm. A smile that only goes up on one side of the face. Yet somehow both the eyes feel it. Thats the look I give my reflection every morning to irritate myself awake.

"Heh. Give uncle a hug."

I give her a huge bear hug squeezing her and lifting her off the ground. She freaks out a bit but doesn't scream. Awww the memories.

"You never change uncle."

"I'd say the same for you but I've noticed you've got a new toy."

She raises her left hand to her face and the silver chain straightens out instantly as if it was a strand of mercury. She plays with it using her right hand.

"Heh I sorta guessed this day would come."

"Yeah I thought it would be great to follow in your footsteps. Become a detector. Feel the ping and all that samba you know."

"Awwww and I'm proud of you. Aren't you glad we've figured out how to finally do it proper?"

Her grin turns into a sympathetic smile.

"We'll uncle it sucks that you had to be a guinea pig."



"You get to keep your innnocence and all instead of becoming a corrupted so thats what we all wanted for you."

A grateful nod.

"Heh try to lighten up. Tonight uncle's taking you out for dinner so go off get ready put on your pretty dress and paint your face. Don't shame your uncle by looking by a cavewomen instead of a head turning date."

She sticks her toungue out at me and I shock her by pulling her into another hug.

I hear the gasp of her surprise and she struggles for a moment afraid I'd lift her off the ground again.

Then I feel her arms come into contact with my back when she realises I'm not.

Sigh us old men just gotta keep carving the way for the future.

Luckily. The future is pretty cute.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's something different

Like a painting to a blind man.

Like a song to a deaf man.

Like the aroma of a fresh loaf to a man with no sense of smell.

Like a lover's kiss to a man with no sense of touch.

Like running to a paraplegic.

My magic sings. You wouldn't get the tricks of it. Feel it's harmony. And the beats of it's tune wouldn't corroborate with any rhythm you've heard before.

It's all a song to me. And I've learnt how to play a new instrument here.

In the cold autumn it hummed it's tune steadily to help me adjust.

In the chilly winter it played quietly in the background ambient to help me keep my body together.

But at night, Every night in the darkness, the strings put their bows to owns instrument.

The brass; lips to mouthpiece.

The woodwinds, prepare their fingerings.

The percussion, raises their mallets.

And finally, the piano player gently resting her finger tips against the first key.

Where there is no light, or it is dim enough. They play. Most of the time just for me. Sometimes to an audience.

A tune of very much like colour and sound.

Altering probability. Bending the possible. Boggling the mind.

Behold, this is my magic.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A sleepless night

I first sleepwalked when I was 5. I went onto insomnia at 8. Then I managed to fry it off but it came back as nacrolepsy when I turned 16. Insomnia is back this time.

Thanks Yean for the early morning entertainment heh.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kids in the snow

To fight winter's chill.

Snow storm.

Met Stuart aka the Rhubarb Triangle. He takes the cold way better than all of us. Sneaky guy shook Kevin's hand before throwing a good one right into his face.

Ahhhh. Good snow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Life it's like a time bomb. Always waiting to go off.

Bleh. That is a scary thought.

I don't need the doorknob to get into the toilet. Just the elbow will do. Best to look sleepy as well my muse whispers into my ear and I smirk while I take a piss.

I'm staring at an old fashioned glass with what looks like black amber in it an ice cube that's become a little smaller shifts to the top.

I zip up and slouch out the door. The motion detector says goodbye to me.

I flick my mouse with my thumb and slump into my chair.

An orange window application appears at the bottom. Probably just Mr. Sea Eagle wanting another round of dota.

He can wait for a bit.

Got off the bus at 11 behind 3 housemates and Kathryn invited me into her room just to lounge around for a bit.

They've ordered a pizza and they were waiting for it to come. Robyn had trouble breathing while on the Otley run anyway.

Hands folded across my stomach I listen to them talk about their boyfriends, ex's and girlfriends. And the gossip of whats about to happen next in Robyn's life really. Before long it's already Valentine's day and we wish each other a good one.

I'm lost as to who is who so all I do is rub my chin with a deeply pensive look on my face to deflect. When asked if I'm bored I just cheekily remark.

I'm just learning girls. Learning.

They go on talking for awhile and then Kathryn looks at me.

What about you? Whats happening in the life of King? Any girlfriends?

I give it a little stir and take a drink. It's a black russian. Truthfully I know next to nothing about cocktails. But I'm liking this one.

The lady on stage has stopped singing and she's taking a sip of her water, preparing for her next song.

My dad stirs his G&T.

I briefly read the fire warning on the back of my door. It's always been there and it's just something I read to just let go of things for a sec.

I tell them.

The story of, The People's Frustration.

What my friend's have been grumbling about for awhile.

The fact and problem of why I'm still single.

They're quiet and blown away. And they go,


My dad says "Let's go. We've got a long day ahead tomorrow."

And I don't doubt that. Things never were quick and easy in this job anyway.

I finish my drink. And take in an ice cube and we get up to go. The lady is singing a fast song. One of those I used to hear off the radio when I was still young.

I'm not that young anymore. My younger days are getting behind me heh. I'm gonna be 20 soon, heck I'm more or less there. Next year I'll be travelling alone across foreign land too.

And when all that is done. It's time for me to enter the working world. To bear my responsibilities. And all these little bits of life will just fade away into the background as I do what I'm meant to do.

I would say my time bomb goes off then.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The stupid stupid coke experiment

Hypothesis: If I can lower my coke into the snow outside my house It'll be nice and well chilled by the time I fish I go down to stick all my clothes in the dryer.

Method: Tie Strings around various parts of bottle and lower it onto snow. Right outside window.
Background: Student fridges are notorious for losing stuff like milk, marmalade, oil, eggs and in this cake my precious coke....I'm taking no chances. And when I stuck the beer in the snow the other day it came out all nice and chilly =D

Experimental errors: The heat coming off from vaughan house causes a 1m clearance of ground next to the house to have NO SNOW. My coke sat in the dirt for the next hour. Cotton string can't really support the weight of the coke properly as suddenly jerking motion could snap the thread. Took about 5 mins to lower coke. Hands suffering from serious chills and friction burns from thread running through it a bit too quickly and sticking them graspers out the window into -4. Had no real proper way to pull up coke again. Left that out of original calculations. Had to use a piece of coke packaging to roll thread back up.
Summary: Although there was no snow. Coke was well cold. Although it did need a wash as it was dirty.
Ahhh refreshing.


When I first reached Leeds I had to pop pills and whoops pain killers aren't over the counter legal. So I decided to smack the root of the problem.

All those in nearly a week. Dont worry I only ate half the panadol. Haven't had the zentel yet.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Why perceptions and assumptions?

It's my own experimental Human Chess method.

Wouldn't call it the best. But so far he best I could come up with. =P

Nah just kdding. Perceptions for the camera.

And Assumptions for the stupid thought that my ideas might actually work. heh

Thursday, January 22, 2009


*cough*It's here now becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my sister has this little linky which would tell her whenever I had a new post so I had to like write stuff crypticly and all but even that it was fairly screwy attempt at hiding things because she's got an IQ of 126(bless her) and my cryptic crap(let me praise myself) based of my IQ of 24 couldn't hide.
Studies have shown the sibling lower in the pecking order of the family will generally experience a slightly lower IQ by and average of 1-2 points.

My ass=OWNED

So anyway. It's a new blog. New experiments. New tricks. New jokes.

And a new style.

The new bent is. Since I brought the sexy giant and long time on and off girlfriend to the UK. We're gonna make beautiful kids. Tons of photos. My hulking camera.

Of course it goes without saying I like to write. So I'll also write every once in awhile.

Also while the last blog was still alive someone asked me to write on politics with my sense of humour(Kimberley if you must know) Politics ain't really my thing. But lets see how things swing?

Welcome to OH nine and welcome to the new blog.