Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'd rather be talking to you till it's time to take my Rifinah than staying up doing my lab report.

Because I don’t like the tedium of writing them.

Not cause I like you or anything like that.

Or cause I can’t wait to take my Rifinah.

Cause it tastes like sugar. 8D

But no but yea.

I made lemonade today.

I really like my glass bottled 8DDDD

Friday, January 29, 2010

“Got any formula sheets?”

I was pumped.

Hoo yeah. I’ve only had 2 days of studying but I knew I would do at least pretty ok in this test.

I want my first class man.

2 Days of chemical alterations. Oh yeah.

I’m ready.

Laid of the tattoos for a few days.

I’m ready.

Stayed up till 4 ignoring illness and possibly fever.

Oh yeah! I’m soooo ready!

Made it there whipped out my notes to read about the Wronskian method. Put it back in stuck my hand in my bag to pull out my pens….

And then Chris says “got any formula sheets?”

Lecturer goes “OH SHEET” in his mind.

1 More week to revise for the test.

Friday, January 22, 2010

And we took an oath

Not to bleed.

Not to die.

Not to feel.

But to sing and look high. Marching on looking for tomorrow.

All of us agreed. All but one of us should sleep. Never to wake again. to find our centre.

We’d string along our fires. And knot the greatcoat onto the one who would endure it all, with the ribbon of fire.

We wished him well as we said our goodbyes while he packed his bags.

The silence of our sleep meant that for once he’d be truly alone with none left but our great God in the heavens to look to.

And we shot him over to a frigid land to endure alone.

To try and see if he could keep to the oath. And survive the suspension of 4 years alone.

The silence. The loneliness. The locks. The burns. The scars. All tightening fading, melding.

The minds. The strengths. The powers. All melding into one final tool.

2 1/2 years left. And I’m wondering is it worth it?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Woah woah

I’ve got no idea why he let go of such a chun chick man.

It’s epic level annoying. Why man? Even Kevin said he’s either gay or he’s taken. Since he isn’t taken Kevin said he’s probably gay. But yeah imagine my frustration. If I was in his shoes…I’d pretty much cut loose all the skills man.


some people just waste all their chances.

Child on a swing. says:
i feel pei
i at least want to hear the reason
before i find my own peace
Crissaegrim says:
btm line is
there is no btm line

Lucky he said it earlier. Cause if we we’re in a small confined space and he recounted this tale. There’s just be a splatting sound and red all around.


vid says:
my friends mum has fb
then her brothers status was something about exams and all la
then got four letter words all inside
then hor
the mother go write comment on his wall
Child on a swing. says:
ahahahha DICKED
vid says:
Disgraceful son, mama never taught you to use language like that
Child on a swing. says:
vid says:
then hor
we all
syok sendiri
go like the comment
then all the comments are like
well done aunty
the fella
go comment
"....but papa did"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Angry flight

I spent the last few weeks of last term telling Sonia to end things on a good note. Not to leave angry and all sorts of stuff like that. But I got on my own flight angry.

Foot in mouth.

And the foot smelled reminiscent of parmigiano. Didn’t taste anything quite like the magical cheese though. Oh well. Get over it la.


On a side note. ------------------>

Men don’t really understand women to be honest. The ones who claim they do are just slightly better at guessing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The dentist

Please please please please come early! Please please please let me have another 20 minutes.

Impossibly precious.

I want those 20.

Because I want that last chance.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Last words

For the year of course. Everyone is spouting their new year’s resolutions and stuff. Reflecting on their mistakes and stuff they didn’t execute to perfection. Heck even us schemers sit around for hours staring off into space wondering about what's in store for the new year so I guess it’s normal for everyone.

Well I guess I should probably come up with a new year’s resolution.

I’d call it. “To come back alive”?

I’m gonna have to find a way to sustain things. Instead of rolling the dice every now and then.

After all,

I’m a fair bit tired,

of hearing “don’t die weih”

and getting elbowed and punched,

when I tell my stories.

But all the same. If getting hit is the price of being alive and seeing all of them again.

It’s pretty worth it I’d say.