Monday, September 13, 2010

Truth Theory

I had to give her some truth.

But I had none in hand.


I probably had about 1 minute before my response would be considered slow.


Things we’re running hot.


So I turned to the Unraveller’s Head.


Tell her his story it said.


So I weave a tale. Grounded in assumptions of hardship to give perceptions of difficulty.

Very much the opposite of crafting a fairytale. But same in it’s methods.

For without truth or an assumption of truth. The beliefs and the happiness based off them will crumble.

Her bastions would fall and her cause will crumble. “Not yet” the Head says again with a quiet chuckle. “we still need her in such places connected to such people” I nod understandingly. “when the time is right we temper but for now we quench.”

Weaving the truth with a lie. The probabilities with the possibilities. Feeding her an assumption. To form a perception.

The very basis of this tech.

Lies in both the lay up and the finish.

And I settle it.

So it’s kinda embarrassing that the Head on her end realises the next day and says.

“He lied.”

But she doesn’t mind.


She begged me to do this. To burn a future burn a past and run my soul under a knife dragged by my own hand.

To pay it all. Like selling my soul to gain strange and dark powers just to throw a fireball at an ant.

Because there isn’t a choice. Yet there are.

But all choices have different tolls at different points on the road.

The enemy is my own kith and kin undermining my authority and power without any bearing of faith to the Lord I serve.

Warring despicable actions with the grim unyielding fire of my heretical abilities moulded and restricted by divine guidance.

I’ve paid the high price burning dreams, severing ties, months of isolation, butchering the soul, poisoning the mind and modifying the body.

Even higher is the collective sum levied on those who had to watch as I did it all. And none more so that she who summoned me to rise to this and see me pay with the very thing we’re fighting for.

Now the trouble comes.

He Translates I Listen

She twirls her fingers over the sticks laid out on the table. Gesturing that she wants to settle her bill.

I look at her and ask her,

“Are you guys leaving?”


Internally I shout to him.


“Ah oh oh take a seat first.”

So I sit down.

Her sticks are arranged for the man to come and take count. And then she says to me.


Back to the tag team.

“what did she say?”

“haven’t a freaking clue man. Not a clue at all!”

Out loud.

“Uhh I’m not from around here. And I can’t speak mandarin.”

“Oh. I was saying we’re in a rush and it would be great if you could pay for us first.” She laughs at saying it.

And from the inside he shouts. “Bite her head off boy!”

Smiling I say, “only if I get to have your number.” And I raise an eyebrow cockily.

“Nah you wouldn’t want it.”

“hahahah where can lidat??”

No number. Sigh.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Seriously. Try not to laugh. It’s night impossible.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bad Doctor Baddddd

You could have at least mentioned how much you bled me out bro.

Like seriously.

C’mon you’re mad expensive. And hey I bleed a lot I know that.

But you coulda mention I’ve lost quite the fascinating amount of blood. The kinda amount that you know you run the tap on for an hour and you go “oh gee thats a lot”

So now you’ve left me. Short on blood. Short on mouth chewing capabilities leaving me with most of my daily diet processed to the point it could fit through a really tiny straw.

I’ve lost more than I had hocking up great red gobs of lung. And wow gee golly does the world sure spin.

I’m stuck on gruel. And wow that really really cuts short the blood sugar levels man.

With any luck. I won’t pass out when I go bother people next week.


PS. I hate fish porridge too.

PSS. your stitches are coming undone. –_-

Third With 2 To Go

2 to the flight.

And the curiosity sets in.

Will she call.

Or will she leave?

And will I slumber?

And miss the treatise.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

6 teeth short

I’ve got no fangs.

and I’ve just had 2 wisdom teeth taken out.

2 more wisdom teeth to go too.