Monday, May 4, 2009


“tingly tingly” The voice says.

There’s a pull and a quick graceful motion. Pulling out the practice stick. For blind fencing.

A sudden pressure and the first stance is on. An open one with the stick held centre ready to strike or counter from any direction.

And the litany is.


Moving softly,

Gently turning,

Cutting cleanly.


I need my mouse back! It was specially adjusted to have the right sensitivity for me! ARGH!

I may be restarting my physical training again. =/ Realised I can’t kick anymore.

Marrakech 1

Sorry about the lateness of this post. Between losing my mouse, internet going down, exams, studying, assignments, labs and stuff it’s been hectic. 
  It all started with leaving Leeds in the evening(yes we have leather chairs in our busses in Leeds)And a bus ride to Luton in the dead of night.We're boarding!

Ah the international code of taxi swindling. Hey I come from Malaysia! I know how to deal with your kind! Don’t let this picture fool you. It’s actually pretty cold there.

Looking for our Riad(guest house) Seriously it was HARD talking to the woman! I had to cobble together whatever Arabic and French I had in my brain.
Just wandering the streets. Bought a small jar to collect sand from the desert.Big tower. No idea what is it. But it became a landmark.
This freak threw snakes on me. Then decided to charge me 15 quid to have my picture taken if not the snakes would stay on. SON OF A BITCH. Haggled to 10 quid.Beautiful centre square of marrakech.

Just a back alley with a beautiful calming view.There’s a lot of horse carriages around. Sorta like replacement taxis for those who have time and money. 

The centre square of the modern part of the city. Awesomeness

It’s Pilot’s dream to eat McD in every part of the world. So we had some crazy tajeen foldover. Not bad. But pretty expensive.

My travelling buddies Pilot on the left. Danny on the right. They gave us felt blankets. Awesome.En suite toilet. We ended up having a whole 5 bedroom to ourselves. 

Our room door. Not kidding you.

Marrakech 2 coming.