Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dying isn’t fun

But living is so much harder.


But fo’ sure I know which one is more worth it!

Lead me in O’ Lord. My Light in the dark even as my eyes grow dim. You help me find my way. I have no fear for you made me that way. I bare my fangs at my enemies with defiant eyes, challenging them to oppose me.

You make it all possible King of Heaven.

May the banners flown on my parapets be forever Yours.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prof Levesley

Amazing man.

Today he told us about how UCL had this vibrational apparatus set up for students from other unis to play with remotely through the internet.

When he found out he went over to their website and had a fiddle with it. Then he had an idea all academic engineers get when fiddling with stuff.

“How do I break it?”

After doing the necessary calculations he plugged in his values into the machine and told it to do so and so. Shortly after it went offline….

Good man!


(for you science students out there…He told the vibrating beam to vibrate at it’s natural frequency)(For you fellas who remember a bit of your high school physics…It creates resonance and causes the beam to vibrate massively breaking shit)(in a nutshell)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red and Black

Red and Black.

Red and Black.

Red eyes and Black hands.


Not much longer till exams.

Time to revisit the Red and the Black.

I broke my laptop+phone recently

Nothing out of the ordinary there. But I did get my warranty to work for me so all is good am typing on it now.

Although while it was dead it couldn’t even turn itself on.

While doing diagnostics with Dell over the phone this is what happened….


“Pull out the power cable, remove the battery then press and hold the power button for 10 seconds please”

“Ok just give me a sec” *flips laptop and removes power cable*(battery wasn’t in anyway)

*after 5 seconds*“EH IT TURNED ON!!!”

"Ha wha? Really?”

Nope I was just pulling your leg. I took out the batteries and disconnected the power cable man.”

“Thats what I thought too! Without any power source in you wouldn’t be able to turn it on.”

“heh I knew that would get you.”


On  a side note. There’s no warranty on my phone =(

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spoils of war


Eurotrip Easter 2010 was fun. But now I’m knee deep in work. And it’s all due next week. I’m just a week bit stuck.

Since everything is a little obvious what it is i’ll only explain the stranger things. The 2 silver bags top left are from betjeman &barton Amsterdam’s branch. Tea of course.(lavender and earl grey) the checkered wrapped thing in front of it is Dutch old gin. Candy in the bag in front of it sitting on top of recipes from Albert Hejn. The center is a bottle of Swiss wine. On the right on top of the newspaper(which is the newsletter for university of Geneva) the small paper wrapped thing is chocolate truffles. The red box is Stattler slab chocolate(get jealous ladies). 5 bottles in the back from left to right. Dreher24(non alcoholic whoops), Hungarian fruit brandy, Tokaji Azsu(a special infected grape hungarian wine), Kalinka vodka(cheaper than pennies but makes smirnoff and any vodka readily available in uk taste like kerosene) and the last bottle in front….The lady said


“But I’m buying to collect!”

“Oh ok then as long as you don’t drink it. Very horrible!”

Also Marks and Spencer cut flowers fragrance is giving me a headache.