Friday, March 6, 2009

The Other Magician

Hurm yes yes I've got the time to at least glance in the computer lab. Sigh I can't believe I've stooped to this. Looking for that pretty girl from 2 weeks ago.

I stride up the central aisle looking left and right. Don't see her. I frown. I leave and some people look up to see me walking really quickly with a frown on my face.

I head back to the foyer.

I guess it's time to go home.

"You've got a crush on her don't you?" I hear the playful voice, light yet it has the feeling of a well trained falsetto.

I turn slowly around and I come to face her.

Gee thats a familiar smile. Cocky and sarcastic together yet somehow genuine until all that sarcasm. A smile that only goes up on one side of the face. Yet somehow both the eyes feel it. Thats the look I give my reflection every morning to irritate myself awake.

"Heh. Give uncle a hug."

I give her a huge bear hug squeezing her and lifting her off the ground. She freaks out a bit but doesn't scream. Awww the memories.

"You never change uncle."

"I'd say the same for you but I've noticed you've got a new toy."

She raises her left hand to her face and the silver chain straightens out instantly as if it was a strand of mercury. She plays with it using her right hand.

"Heh I sorta guessed this day would come."

"Yeah I thought it would be great to follow in your footsteps. Become a detector. Feel the ping and all that samba you know."

"Awwww and I'm proud of you. Aren't you glad we've figured out how to finally do it proper?"

Her grin turns into a sympathetic smile.

"We'll uncle it sucks that you had to be a guinea pig."



"You get to keep your innnocence and all instead of becoming a corrupted so thats what we all wanted for you."

A grateful nod.

"Heh try to lighten up. Tonight uncle's taking you out for dinner so go off get ready put on your pretty dress and paint your face. Don't shame your uncle by looking by a cavewomen instead of a head turning date."

She sticks her toungue out at me and I shock her by pulling her into another hug.

I hear the gasp of her surprise and she struggles for a moment afraid I'd lift her off the ground again.

Then I feel her arms come into contact with my back when she realises I'm not.

Sigh us old men just gotta keep carving the way for the future.

Luckily. The future is pretty cute.